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In our relentless search to best serve our customers, we offer a wide and exhaustive range of products related to maintenance, overhaul and operation of multispindle lathes. These products have been designed to optimize the yield of your lathes and ensure operation without stoppages.

Excluding collet opening and bar advancing: this is a customization option of the processing system, that excludes collet opening and bar advancing when this is not necessary. This increases operating efficiency and saves valuable time.

This application is for the following lathes: AS16  AS20  GS20  GM20.

Some benefits:

Possibility to execute lathe emptying:  When this function is selected, the opening of the collet is prevented in the positions where a bar end is present, and when all the collets are in bar end, the lathe is stopped with the empty machine signal. During this cycle, bar ends remain held in their positions, avoiding short pieces and any damage caused by them falling, and the lubricants leaking from the rear area.

Setup cycle: Only one bar can be advanced even with all bars inserted.

Lathe preheating cycle: The advancement of all bars can be blocked when anomalies are detected or at the end of the work shift. In the case of some specific systems, the lathe can be preheated before the shift begins by making the machine run with blocked collets and feeding. 

Stopper: A "stopper" is a key component used in lathes and machine tools to slow down and control pieces exiting from the lathe. 

A stopper is a key component to ensure a precise and safe machining process. Our stopper ensures excellent stability during the entire work cycle improving the quality of the end product.

Stop system after the set time: Stop after the set time makes it possible to programme how many minutes after the end of the cycle the machine must stop and turn off. The system has a switch with a release coil that takes out power from the machine when the set time has been reached or after the machine has stopped because of a fault when in operation. At the next start, actual working minutes can be checked and, in case of fault, the cause that interrupted the production process can be seen. 

For any question about these products, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the best solutions for your needs.