Boxes for multispindle lathes

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In the world of mechanical manufacturing, precision is fundamentally important. As a professional in this field, you will understand how important it is to have the right parts in the right place, always ready for use. This is where our boxes for multispindle lathes come into play.

TVM-Tech offers a wide range of boxes for multispindle lathes, available in various sizes and made of high-quality materials, such as iron and ABS.

Our iron boxes are robust and resistant, and have been designed to last over time. Thanks to their various sizes, they can adapt perfectly to your specific needs, and offer the necessary space to efficiently organize your parts. From smaller and handier to larger containers, there is an option for every need.

Regarding ABS boxes, they are also offered in various sizes. ABS is a light yet resistant material, which ensures a long duration of these boxes. With their lightness, these boxes are easy to handle, and enable you to optimize your production processes.

At TVM-Tech, we understand that every production process has its specific requirements. For this reason, we offer a wide range of containers, to make sure you can find the one best suited to your production process.

If you need any advice on the most suitable container for your needs, our expert team is always available. 

Contact us to get more information on our products and to find the most suitable solution for you. We are here to support you at every stage of your production process. 

At TVM Tech, your success is our priority.