Bespoke applications

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TVM TECH is much more than a supplier of industrial machines. We are your trusted partner for customized machining solutions, ready to listen to your specific needs and to develop bespoke applications for multispindle lathes.

Our expertise includes a wide range of custom applications, designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your production process. A few examples of our customized solutions include:

Workpiece clamping device for Mory-say and Schutte, Wickman, Tornos: these are customized workpiece clamping devices, designed to perfectly adjust to the specific requirements of lathes.

These devices ensure precise and safe handling of materials during the machining stage.

With the right software programme, the separation unit enables the automatic separation of the first and last pieces of the bar, non-threaded pieces and, adding appropriate controls, long pieces, short pieces, or pieces with diameters outside the tolerance. The separation unit takes the non-compliant piece directly to the scrap basket.

Software cams for Mory-say, Schutte, Wickman,Tornos: these are customized software applications, created to improve the performance of multispindle lathes. 

This application makes it possible to eliminate the old mechanical Balluff or the various cyclical control micro-sensors that were used to control  the opening of the pick-up collet, slide control, stop at fixed point, optimizing setup times and, above all, enables our various applications to be added to the lathe.

Production data collection with data export: this product has to do with the design and implementation of solutions for the collection of production data.

Once such data have been collected, they can be exported for further analysis, providing a clear and accurate picture of manufacturing operations.

By means of a monitoring programme made with the Superflash Scada by Automa we can interpret the electric signals coming from the machines and turn them into data that can be published in the most common databases.

The system records piece count, production time, downtime, and enables multi-level integration, reaching the recording of 32 causes stated by the operator and, where possible, 32 causes automatically collected by machine alarms. The information is collected when it is processed by ERP programmes and helps monitor production trends. Customized programmes can be implemented upon customer’s request.