Workpiece slides for multispindle lathes

  • Scivoli presa pezzo per torni plurimandrino - 1
  • Scivoli presa pezzo per torni plurimandrino - 2
  • Scivoli presa pezzo per torni plurimandrino - 3
  • Scivoli presa pezzo per torni plurimandrino - 4
  • Scivoli presa pezzo per torni plurimandrino - 5

In the workpiece slides section for multispindle lathes by TVM TECH, quality combines with innovation to offer advanced solutions, conceived to optimize your production process. 

Our wide range of workpiece slides, available in iron and ABS, has been created with care for every detail, to guarantee the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

Iron slides have been designed to withstand the strongest stresses. Robust and durable, they are the perfect choice for heavy and continuous operation. Whether you are looking for a universal short or a long slide, in TVM -TECH you will find the right one for you.

Moving over to ABS slides, they combine lightness and resistance, guaranteeing excellent durability and unparalleled ease of handing. As for the iron models, you can choose from various sizes, including universal, short and long.

In TVM-TECH, our objective is to provide you with the most effective solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of your production process. Every single piece we offer is the outcome of careful design and execution work, conceived to meet your specific needs.

We know how important it is for you to have quality and reliable tools available. For this, our expert team is always at your disposal to answer any question and help you find the most suitable solution.

Remember, when you choose TVM TECH, you choose a trusted partner that undertakes to guarantee you the best products and bespoke service. 
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or for further information.