Lot separator

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The constant search for improvement in production quality has led to the creation of the wet lot separator, an ingenious solution conceived to meet the need to divide the production of automatic machines into small batches.

A lot separator is a versatile device that we in TVM Tech offer in various versions to adapt to the specific needs of every operator. 

Versions currently available include 8, 12, 16, 18, 20 and 24 baskets. These baskets change position once the set number of pieces has been reached, thus enabling an efficient management of the production flow.

But a lot separator is not just a simple system to divide production batches. It features various functions designed to improve the efficiency of your production process. One of them is the protective slide, a device that slows down the falling of the pieces, thus protecting the quality of the end product.

Furthermore, the lot separator features a pump with two key functions: filling the basket into which the pieces fall and recovering excess processing oil. 

This feature ensures that the working environment remains clean and safe, while at the same time reducing oil waste, thus leading to significant savings in terms of operating costs.

Two floats integrated into the lot separator control minimum and maximum oil level, maintaining the efficiency of the production process and preventing potential problems caused by insufficient or excessive oil levels.

The interface of this device has been designed for maximum ease of use. It enables receiving the signal of counting manufactured pieces and sending the stop signal at the end of the cycle in case of any anomaly. 

This function provides excellent synchronisation with your multispindle lathe, ensuring uninterrupted production flow.

The lot separator operator panel offers a clear and immediate view of operations under way. Messages and alarms can be seen, ensuring constant and timely monitoring of the production process. 

Additionally, it enables you to see the number of pieces every basket should contain, ensuring excellent operating flexibility.

In conclusion, the wet lot separator is an excellent example of how innovation can transform the production of automatic machines. 

This device brings tangible benefits, from a more efficient production flow through to optimising the use of processing oil and the protection of product quality. 

If you are looking for a way of improving the efficiency of your production, contact us to find out more.