Equipment for multispindle lathe

Thanks to the experience we have accrued in the field of multispindle lathes, we can offer various products.

At TVM Tech, we bring passion, experience and innovation in the universe of multispindle lathes. We offer a wide range of products, designed to optimize your turning operations and to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

Our offer includes products such as the Workpiece clamping device and the Bar end clamping device, which are essential for the safe and accurate handling of your workpieces. We also offer Control Devices to accurately monitor and manage your operations.

But that’s not all, our product range also includes the Lot separator, a tool which symbolises our commitment towards innovation, designed to maximize productivity. And, of course, our Rotating Table, built to increase the efficiency of every multispindle lathe.

And to be sure to meet all your requirements, in TVM Tech we have developed a wide range of other products, each designed with the same care for detail and innovation.

At TVM Tech, we are proud to offer complete solutions for every need connected to multispindle lathes. 
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