Workpiece clamping device for multispindle lathes

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In the world of production and maintenance of multispindle lathes, each detail counts, especially those that may appear insignificant at first glance. 

At TVM Tech, we have learnt, through years of experience and innovation, that the most effective solutions are often those that solve problems that may seem small but which can have a great impact on the overall efficiency of the production process. 

One of these problems is workpiece management, for which we suggest an elegant and effective solution: the workpiece discharge slide

The Workpiece clamping device for multispindle lathes is a fundamental part whose objective is to improve the efficiency and quality of your production, ensuring that workpieces are discharged from the machine with minimum residues of chips and oil.

In combination with accurate software programming, the separation unit can independently execute various fundamental operations. This device can automatically separate the front and the end pieces of the bar, non-threaded pieces and, through continuous monitoring, can identify and isolate long pieces, short pieces or pieces with diameters out of tolerance. The result is a more uniform production flow and an end product quality that meets the highest standards.

When non-compliant pieces are identified, the separation unit leads them directly to the scrap basket. This significantly reduces the time and effort necessary to review and manage non-compliant workpieces, improving the efficiency of your production process.

We offer various models of workpiece clamping devices, to meet the specific needs of every operator.

  • Workpiece clamping device Model 1990 Base Position 6: This model offers robust and reliable holding, ideal to use with a wide range of materials and workpiece configurations.
  • Workpiece clamping device Model 2000 Base Position 6: Model 2000 provides high versatility with precision grip, suitable for complex and delicate operations.
  • Workpiece clamping device Model 2003 Base Position 6: This model combines robust design and advanced functions, ensuring accurate and reliable workpiece separation.
  • Workpiece clamping device Model 2012 Base Position 6: With its innovative design, Model 2012 offers superior grip, perfect for high precision operations.

We are never content with how things stand and we know that there is always room for improvement, and we undertake to find new solutions to everyday problems. Because in TVM Tech we believe that greatness is in the detail. And when it is about your multispindle lathes, no detail is too small to be important.

Therefore, if you are looking for a solution to your production problems, do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are here for you, ready to listen to your needs and to offer you the solutions that will help you reach your goals. We will be happy to discuss how our products can help you improve the quality of your production and reach the success you deserve. 

Remember, in TVM Tech your efficiency is our passion.